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Typologizing the Dream II

Villa Vigoni, Comer See, 3–5.9.19

Up to now there is nothing like a standard typology of dreams – and there probably will never be one as the systems which are used to classify dreams are based on very different taxonomic principles. Dreams are e.g. classified according
  •   to their content/dominating motifs (love-dreams/erotic dreams; nightmares; conscience dreams;       dreams of flying, death, birth, examination, shame; travels to heaven or hell, etc.)
  •   to their function and affiliated rituals (prophetic/divinatory dream, incubation dream, initiation       dream, lucid dreaming, etc.)
  •   to their semiotics (message dream, symbolical/allegorical dream, theorematic dream, etc.)
  •   to their narratological purpose (dream series, recapitulation dream, dream bracket, mise en
      abîme, etc.).
Of course this list of dream-types is far from complete and we are open for the suggestion of other types.

As always, we are looking for papers (30 minutes) with a close reading of two or three dreams of the same type by different authors, artists, etc., ideally (but not necessarily) from different periods and/or different national literatures. Examples can be dream reports or fictional dreams in literature and all other media. Preferably contributions should be in English and French but we will also accept German texts. Congress language will be German.