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Typologizing the Dream I

Workshop at the ICLA Congress in Macau (China), July 29 – August 2, 2019

Up to now there is nothing like a standard typology of dreams – and there probably will never be one as the systems which are used to classify dreams are based on very different taxonomic principles. Dreams are e.g. classified according
  •   to their content/dominating motifs (love-dreams/erotic dreams; nightmares; conscience dreams;       dreams of flying, death, birth, examination, shame; travels to heaven or hell, etc.)
  •   to their function and affiliated rituals (prophetic/divinatory dream, incubation dream, initiation       dream, lucid dreaming, etc.)
  •   to their semiotics (message dream, symbolical/allegorical dream, theorematic dream, etc.)
  •   to their narratological purpose (dream series, recapitulation dream, dream bracket, mise en
      abîme, etc.).
Of course this list of dream-types is far from complete and we are open for the suggestion of other types.

As always, we are looking for papers (20 minutes) with a close reading of two or three dreams of the same type by different authors, ideally (but not necessarily) from different periods and/or different national literatures. Examples can be dream reports or fictional dreams in literature and all other media.