In: KulturPoetik 2011, Heft 2


Dietmar Voss


Heldenkonstruktionen. Zur modernen Entwicklungstypologie des Heroischen




In the modern age, heroes as narrative constructions placed between the community and the individual are subject to a deep structural disturbance. Because of our unrestrained economic system and an equally unrestrained culture of reflection, potential heroes are deprived of any self-confidence or independence. The traditional connection of social power and individuality is broken. However, this does not mean that the age of heroes is over: the modern world has a strong desire for surrogate heroes. This essay deals with the dynamic development of compensatory models and types of ‘the hero’. It attempts to reveal the logical structure of this developmental process by analysing adventure and detective stories as well as films (ranging from classic film noir to action movies like Rambo or Terminator).