In: KulturPoetik 2003, Heft 2


Hans-Walter Schmidt-Hannisa


»Jetzt eß ich das Buch«. Szenarien der Einverleibung von Schrift




The article analyses various cultural, in particular literary contexts in which books or written papers are swallowed, and sketches a typology of such acts. ›Reasonable‹ purposes to eat written matter may be to conceal it or to prevent its unwanted reading. The idea that eating can be a ›magic‹ way of conveying meaning is not only relevant in superstitious customs but also in the procedures of vocation of the prophets Ezekiel and John. This biblical model serves as a reference for an enormous variety of literary and cinematic representations of situations in which written matter is swallowed. The article examines works by Kleist, Keller, Eco, Valentin, Greenaway, Shaffer, and Celan by way of example.