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In: KulturPoetik 2020, Issue 1


Matthias Buschmeier


Gründungsfall. Zur kulturellen Funktion von Schulderzählungen: Die biblische Urfamilie




The article is dedicated to the beginning of Genesis and seeks to explain why two stories of creation were actually needed. While Gen 1-2,4 tells of a concluded creation, Gen 2,4 elevates with another story that will have far more consequences. It is the source of infinite artistic and literary adaptations, the subject of theological and philosophical debate up to the present day. The history of creation can be read as a history of the justification of creative dynamics. But what makes this story so special? And why does the Bible (like, incidentally, almost all sorts of creation myths) tell the beginning of human culture as a story of fault? Gen 2,4-4,25 closely links the emergence of the legal, social and cultural order to fault and blame. The Genesis tells the origin of culture from an offence.