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In: KulturPoetik 2019, Issue 2


Jasmin Centner


Geschichte schreiben. Der Porajmos bei Johannes Bobrowski und Erich Hackl




This article examines two narrations dealing with the genocide of the Sinti and Roma (Roma-nes: Porajmos) by the Nazis during World War II. Both Johannes Bobrowski’s Levins Mühle and Erich Hackl’s Abschied von Sidonie approach the void of the Porajmos in a productive tension between fact and fiction. The two narratives are based on real events, but they also exhibit uncertainties about the caesura of the historical occurrences. With reference to Walter Benjamin’s historical theory, the article investigates how the Porajmos can be told and sheds light on the extent to which literature can refer to other forms of representation than classical historiography. By re-presenting the events of the past from the present as something new, the texts commit themselves to a political project and become part of the cultural memory.