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In: KulturPoetik 2019, Issue 2


Claudia Öhlschläger


Feuilletons als kleine Bildarchive historischen Wissens. Städteminiaturen der Weimarer Republik




The article focusses on images of the city in feuilletons of the Weimar Republic. It stresses that small pieces written for the feature section of newspapers and magazines (»feuilleton«) by authors such as Robert Musil, Franz Hessel, and Siegfried Kracauer might be considered as condensed forms on the borderline between journalism and literature that generate a remarka-ble epistemological potential: They provide insight into the medial conditioning of perception, while at the same time reflecting their historical genesis and variety. City images in the feuille-ton contribute to modes of writing that are characterized by their pictorial quality on the one hand and temporal implications such as momentariness and fleetingness on the other hand. They generate knowledge about the historicity of present time that goes far beyond historicist perspectives.