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In: KulturPoetik 2019, Issue 1


Bernard Dieterle


Forschung im Rausch. Henri Michauxʼ Erkundung der Innenwelt




There are many different ways to explore inner worlds. Dream research is particularly interested in this problem and provides us with a great range of methods and theories to explore how the psyche and the brain work. In this paper I will focus on another, yet in many aspects very similar topic: the exploration of other states of mind under the influence of drugs. To do so, I chose the example of Henri Michaux (1899–1984), an author and artist who devoted himself to systematic experimentations with different drugs and published four volumes (not to mention the many pictorial works) on this topic. In his work, the necessary and permanent confrontation with the media of notations in every process of self-observation is an important issue, especially when the observation takes place under non-habitual conditions as is the case with dreams, or with drugs.