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In: KulturPoetik 2019, Issue 1


Rüdiger Görner


»Mir träumte, du lägest im Grab«. Traumpoetisches in Heinrich Heines Lyrischem Intermezzo, bei E. A. Poe, nebst einem Traum-Stück Ernst Blochs, und das Problem des Traumkitsches bei Walter Benjamin




The poetology of dreams as a part of literary aesthetics is a distinctly Romantic legacy with particular ramifications in discourses on and within Modernism. In the case of Heinrich Heine as opposed to say, Justinus Kerner or Clemens Brentano, this poetology is tinted by irony coupled with intensive experiences of lyrical melancholy. This contribution discusses renderings of dream poetic dream experiences and discourses in the shape of four contrasting formats including Walter Benjamin’s analysis of Traumkitsch as a constituent of his Kulturkritik.