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In: KulturPoetik 2018, Issue 1


Benjamin Gittel


Weltaneignung unter den Bedingungen des informationoverload. Bewältigungsstrategien jenseits von Wissenssynthese und Wissensindexierung bei Montaigne, Spengler und der»Riesenmaschine«




The reactions to the problem of information overload that have been most researched are knowledge synthesis, i.e. the creation of encyclopaedias, textbooks, commonplace books etc., and knowledge indexing, i. e. the creation of (digital) indexes to existing archives of knowledge. This paper describes and analyses three alternative strategies for coping with information overload in different periods: Montaigne’s attempt at knowledge assimilation in the early modern age, Spengler’s attempt at morphological knowledge reduction in the classic modern period and the relatively recent attempt at ›knowledge escapism‹ realized in the collaborative blog of German writers called »Riesenmaschine. Das brandneue Universum« (Giant machine. The brand-new universe).