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In: KulturPoetik 2017, Issue 2


Tatjana Hofmann


Emotionenfeldforschungsbasierte Poetiken. Bronisław Malinowski und Sergej M. Tret’jakov




The article assumes that participant observation is relevant for Cultural Anthropology as well as for literature. The concept involves the use of empathy and emotions in general, contradicting the claim of objectification and of (poetical) representation. In these terms, the article compares the Polish-British cultural anthropologist Bronisław Malinowski with his counterpart Sergej M. Tret’jakov, a representative of the Soviet avantgarde. While Malinowski outsourced his subjectivity to his diary, the controlling rationalist Tret’jakov hardly reveals any emotions at all but arouses the reader’s empathy by conveying a picture of the new state of the future. Nevertheless, the work of both travel writers benefits from a – calculated – handling with narratively (non-)marked emotions.