In: KulturPoetik 2017, Heft 1


Tobias Heinz


Sprachliches und literarisches Lernen in der Welt der Großstadtkinder. Schule, Unterricht und Urbanitätserfahrung im pädagogisch-didaktischen Werk Fritz Gansbergs




This article explores the teaching and pedagogical work of the elementary-school teacher Fritz Gansberg (1871–1950). The writer and author of textbooks is situated in a theoretical and epistemological constellation of concepts which allowed Gansberg’s teaching to reflect major city experiences. The inspiration of Fritz Mauthner’s criticism of language and the influence of Ernst Mach’s scientific theory is demonstrated in a close reading of central passages from Gansberg’s works. With these thoughts about linguistic and literary learning, an attractive classroom method developed which understands the child’s experience of the city as an inspiration.