In: KulturPoetik 2016, Heft 1


Urte Stobbe


Nach der Natur. Biologismen in Figurengestaltung und Erzählverfahren bei Jenny Erpenbeck (Heimsuchung) und Judith Schalansky (Der Hals der Giraffe)




In recent debates, the term ›biologism‹ is used to refer to a certain mode of explaining the world in accordance with quasi-similar processes in nature. Biologism thus serves as an antonym to culturalism. Biologistic argumentations can be interpreted as a counter-reaction to the fact that nature has increasingly been experienced as the subject of cultural transformation. As one of the newer approaches, Ecocriticism deals with the question of how nature is represented in literary texts. Within this framework, the article analyses how nature is used as a narrative model in Jenny Erpenbeck’s Heimsuchung and Judith Schalansky’s Der Hals der Giraffe. Both novels deny human beings their formerly privileged position in nature and counter the idea of mankind’s perfectibility.