In: KulturPoetik 2016, Heft 1


Christoph Jürgensen


Von PopKunst zu KunstPop. Strategien der populären Selbstverkunstung am Beispiel von Tocotronics Konzeptalbum Kapitulation




This article examines how the German ›Diskursrock‹ band Tocotronic deals with the notion that an attitude and style seen to be aesthetically ›alternative‹ are incompatible with any kind of commercial success. This notion can be described as central to (not only) pop music logic. Based on this premise, the article asks: What are the consequences if a band that has entered the socio-cultural field of pop music as a group of heretics ends up on the side of the prospering potentates? The paper aims to show that Tocotronic reacts to this logic by re-evaluating its poetics, transforming it from ›real‹ pop to an advanced version of popular art. By doing so, it adapts typical phases of band history, as these have been documented most prominently for The Beatles.