In: KulturPoetik 2015, Heft 2


Volker Kalisch


Hans Werner Henzes und Ingeborg Bachmanns künstlerische Reaktion auf die atomare Bedrohung. Die Nachtstücke und Arien für Sopran und großes Orchester (1957) vor dem Hintergrund der kunsttheoretischen Reflexionen ihrer Verfasser




Accompanied by an analytical approach to Henze's and Bachmann's essential understanding of music, of the concept of arts and their mutual relationship to each other, the essay tries to put their understandings into the contemporary frame of their historical time. It follows up with the idea that the one artistic view basically tends to get supplemented by the other. What in this relationship opens a field of stimulating artistic possibilities will be shown as realized in the case study to a musical composition which reacted during the 1950s to the evidence of a nuclear catastrophe.