In: KulturPoetik 2015, Heft 1


Norbert Schläbitz


Mashup und das Ende aller Zeiten




Interpreting song lyrics, literature or art is a kind of crossword puzzle. One person has written this puzzle, and others enjoy solving it. Often the writer of a puzzle does not know what he has written and encrypted. And those who solve puzzles sometimes find solutions to them that were never intended. This is also called the hermeneutic interpretation. Since this game has been played in the new media, we have recognized that it is a game without depth, remaining forever on the surface. We have to acknowledge that solutions or deep meanings have always been a beautiful dream. Some critics see this phenomenon as a sign of cultural ›apocalypse‹, i.e. the destruction of our culture, while others claim it indicates real inspiration for a new and exciting kind of art. The musical art form of »mashup« shows the inspiring consequences of this development, which has been considered to be the end of days. However, at the end time there is a new beginning without an end. In the final analysis, the article illustrates that playing with the surface may result in helping to shape a human being as once imagined by Wilhelm von Humboldt.