In: KulturPoetik 2014, Heft 2


Beatrice Nickel


Eros und Amor im 16. Jahrhundert und die Transformation der frühneuzeitlichen Gesellschaft. Eine kulturhistorische Annäherung an die Liebesthematik der französischen Renaissanceliteratur




French literature of the Renaissance is characterized by a great variety of themes. Nevertheless, there is – particularly in the field of poetry – a striking predilection for the topic of love. This topic is treated in very different ways, which might be because of its universal character. As there were many changes and instabilities in the French politics in the mid-16th century, literature about love could be considered as a means of explaining social structures. According to contemporary treatises strongly received and adapted in France (e.g. Marsilio Ficino’s De amore and Leone Ebreo’s Dialoghi d’amore), love, or more precisely Eros/Amor, is a universal force that does not just regulate human relationships. In this regard, the latter can be associated with politics. The present study analyses this nexus from the perspective of cultural studies.