In: KulturPoetik 2014, Heft 1


Claudia Hillebrand


Entgrenzung, Marginalisierung, Kompensation. Verhandlungen der sozialen Geltung von Kunst in der gegenwärtigen Literatur der Arbeit




Contemporary literary texts depicting the workplace often consider art as well. This article argues that these thoughts about art can be best understood as reflections on the problem of the diminishing social relevance of art and literature, as suggested by recent approaches in the sociology of culture. The texts analysed here show a wide range of solutions to this problem: in Thomas von Steinaeckers Das Jahr, in dem ich aufhörte mir Sorgen zu machen und anfing zu träumen, for example, literature is conceived of as a tool for gaining self-awareness and a sense of one’s individuality. As a social practice, literature is thus revalued against the background of an unlimited and alienated everyday life.