In: KulturPoetik 2002, Heft 1


Moritz Baßler / Fabian Stoermer / Uwe Spörl / Christoph Brecht / Tasos Zembylas / Holm Graeßner / Niels Werber


Kultur als Text?




The suggestion of Clifford Geertz and others (e.g. poststructuralists, new historicists) that culture should be understood as a text was readily adopted by many of the pioneers of Cultural Studies. However, the rather loose definition of the concept soon raised the suspicion that it might be nothing but a metaphor. In 2001, March 30/31, Moritz Baßler organized a workshop entitled »Textualität der Kultur« (The Textuality of Culture) at the »Internationales Forschungszentrum Kulturwissenschaften« (IFK), Vienna, to reconsider this concept and discuss its validity. In the aftermath of this workshop its participants have summed up their positions for KulturPoetik in short statements discussing the ›textuality of culture‹ from the points of view of deconstructionism, hermeneutics/anthropological literary studies, semiotics, cultural pragmatism, discourse analysis, and system-theory.