In: KulturPoetik 2013, Heft 2


Steffen Dix


Das Hereinbrechen der Realität in die Fiktion und umgekehrt. Betrachtungen zur Moderne Fernando Pessoas




On the one hand, the Portuguese poet and writer Fernando Pessoa is often seen as one of the key figures of European modernism. On the other hand, the editorial and critical reaction to his theoretical work has been slow and irregular in the non-Portuguese-speaking world. Regarding this contradiction, the essay provides a historical overview of Pessoa’s own modernism which should be seen as an engagement with the philosophy, culture of science and technology, and politics of his own time, rather than as a subversive revolt against traditional customs and convictions. Pessoa’s modernism can be portrayed as a kind of inner reflection of a world which was constantly becoming more plural. The essay examines his own aesthetic attitudes which were mainly influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche, and finally it tries to shed some light on the ›philosophic‹ meaning of his heteronymic writing.