In: KulturPoetik 2012, Heft 2


Ingo Irsigler und Christoph Jürgensen


»There’s more to the picture / than meets the eye«. Zum Reflex der Nine Eleven-Literatur auf die Dominanz der Bildmedien




By means of French, Anglo-American and German texts this article depicts a central similarity in the way Nine Eleven has been processed in literature, even though the texts exhibit various differences in detail. In contrast to the postmodern challenge to the concept of ›reality‹ on the one hand and the dominance of the visual media on the other, writers such as Beigbeder, DeLillo, Lehr and Goetz react by emphasizing the logic of fictional narration. Real-life incidents, especially visual ones, are incorporated into the literary discourse, that is, they are rewritten and therefore they claim an aesthetic autonomy that is opposed both to the idea of reality and to the epistemic and aesthetic primacy of (public) visual media.