In: KulturPoetik 2011, Heft 1


Jens Loescher


»The West and the Rest«. Die »imaginäre Geographie« ost- und westdeutscher Autoren: Ortheil, Hilbig, Rosenlöcher




This article is a further step towards a historiography of ›reunified‹ German literature. With reference to the phenomenon of struggle for cultural hegemony, I tentatively apply Stuart Hall’s and Edward Said’s concepts of postcolonialism, using in particular the imaginary geography of »East« and »West«. The distance between place and space (the private realm and the imaginatively constructed space ›out there‹) is dramatized in order to ›orientalize‹ the opponents in cultural struggles. In the context of this article, ›postcolonialism‹ as a theory is applied to the situation twenty years after the fall of the Berlin wall. East Germans have experienced change as significantly as immigrants do, while West Germans have a feeling of ›being cheated‹ which is similar to the emotional attitude of the established class towards successful immigrant ›intruders‹.