In: KulturPoetik 2010, Heft 1


Claude D. Conter


Kulturtransfer bei Herder und den Brüdern Schlegel. Eine Herausforderung für die nationale Literaturgeschichtsschreibung




Ideas of cultural transfer are more common around 1800 than literary historiographs may have assumed until today. Actually, concerning the Querelle des Anciens et des modernes, Herder first fostered the idea of literary cosmopolitism involving a process of literary transfers. August Wilhelm Schlegel recognised that such transfer needs a liberal political environment. Friedrich Schlegel for his part conceptualized the idea of cultural transfer as a model to describe European culture. He gave a lot of practical examples of how to realise such plans. At the same time, around 1800, Herder and the Schlegel brothers, being the mouthpieces of cultural transfer, developed concepts of literary history as an alternative to more popular concepts of a national literary history.