In: KulturPoetik 2009, Heft 1


Benjamin Specht


Fiktionen von der Einheit des Wissens. Achim von Arnims Meteorologie-Projekt und Hollin’s Liebeleben (1802) im Kontext der frühromantischen ›Enzyklopädistik‹




Achim von Arnim’s concept of knowledge and science, which is outlined in his early notebooks, shares several characteristics, as yet still unexplored, with the project of an all-embracing ›Enzyklopädistik‹ that is found in Jena Romanticism. Both projects – Novalis’ ›Wissenschaft der Wissenschaften‹ and Arnim’s ›Meteorologie‹ – seek to provide a method that would allow the whole of knowledge behind the fragmentary perceptions to be represented by way of an infinite combinatorics, i.e. without presuming an Archimedean point as ultimate reason. In his first novel, Hollin’s Liebeleben, Arnim enacts the same concept through literature, but also examines its limitations; these eventually lead him to abandon this highly ambitious endeavour.