In: KulturPoetik 2008, Heft 2


Sandra Poppe


Ästhetik der Sterblichkeit. Mediale Darstellungen von Tod und Trauer in Literatur und Fernsehen




Death and mourning are significant and frequent topics in art, literature, and other media. They often have highly differentiated aesthetic representations, which are present throughout popular as well as established art forms. This phenomenon was recently described as the new ›Sichtbarkeit‹ of death in the arts. But what does this new ›visuality‹ look like? This article analyses and compares different forms of representation of mortality in literature and television on the basis of contemporary examples. The categories of analysis employed are 1) temporality, 2) emotion and reflection, 3) the visual images used. The main result of this comparison is that there are common images, metaphors and techniques for the portrayal of death and mourning, and at the same time significant distinctions in the representation of mortality in different media.