In: KulturPoetik 2008, Heft 2


Remigius Bunia


Die Natur der Androgynie. Grimmelshausen, Goethe und Meinecke im Raster von Natur und Kultur




The distinction between nature and culture governs academic reasoning as well as daily life. Applied to individual sexuality, it appears as the difference sex/gender, which has a strong impact on human existence and on the politics of identity. The essay traces the origins of this distinction back to the 17th century and follows its track until the present. It analyzes Grimmelshausen’s Simplicissimus, Goethe’s Lehrjahre, Schlegel’s Lucinde, and Meinecke’s Tomboy. These novels not only deal with sex and gender, but also suggest ways to surmount this distinction through the paradigm of androgyny. Thus, they offer a means to transcend the traditional concepts of culture and nature.