In: KulturPoetik 2006, Heft 2


Christine Magerski


Zum theoretischen Stellenwert der Feldtheorie Pierre Bourdieus. Am Beispiel der Ausdifferenzierung und Strukturierung des literarischen Feldes in Deutschland




Bourdieu’s theory of the literary field can be seen as an answer to a central problem within cultural studies, as the concept of the literary field and the analysis of its relations stand for the attempt to escape the alternatives of internal interpretation and external explanation. In order to overcome these alternatives, Bourdieu introduces a concept which allows him to understand the social and symbolic space of literature as a system of objective relations by reference to the structure of a field. The structure itself is understood to be a result of the process of differentiation – a process which takes on the form of a permanent revolution as Bourdieu illustrates by virtue of the example of the Symbolist reaction against Naturalism. his paper applies the concept of the field to the literary developments in Germany and tackles both the increase in a specific belief in the value of literature and the concomitant increase in self-reflection.