In: KulturPoetik 2004, Heft 2


Heiner Weidmann


Die doppelte Salome. Zur Konstruktion der Femme fatale




The intertextual discourse which goes by the name of »Salome« is made up of history and fiction, images and theories. It takes a new turn in the 19th century when Salome comes to be constructed as a »femme fatale«. In order to make this construction work a few issues need to be resolved: Is all this about Salome or Herodias? And why is it so hard to read Salome? Is it because she is a deep abyss of signification, or because she is completely insignificant and superficial? What images, texts and forms of dancing does this ambiguity lead to? And how does the »dance of the seven veils« become some form of striptease?