About KulturPoetik

KulturPoetik is a forum for all fields of Cultural Literary Studies (»cultural poetics«). The name of the journal is programmatic: it is devoted to all cultural aspects of literature and to all literary aspects of culture.

In recent years this cultural approach has been an important new development in literary studies. Cultural Literary Studies, is, first of all, marked by its particular point of view and its interest in specific subjects. It regards literature as a part of culture as a whole, focusing on the role it plays in forming, passing on and modifying cultural meanings and signs. It is therefore particularly interested in the basic concerns of anthropology (such as love, death, states of ecstasy and intoxication, insanity, dreams, the body, memory, social conventions, gender, etc.) and in corresponding cultural techniques, and also in intercultural contacts and conflicts. It analyses interactions between literature and systems of knowledge, between literature and other media (»intermediality« and competition between media), and the specific contribution of literature to cultural communication, the formation of signs, and the shaping of perceptions. It is also concerned with the poetic within culture, i.e. with proto-poetic elements within the knowledge system, the media, social relationships and everyday life.

The methodological outlines of Cultural Literary Studies are still vague; KulturPoetik is open to all schools and approaches, including the non-established ones - the editors hope for lively and controversial debate. However, KulturPoetik attaches great importance to one point: Cultural Literary Studies must remain a field of literary studies and must neither forfeit the specific point of view of literary studies (and its identity as a discipline) nor neglect literature’s specific contribution to culture as a whole or its own cultural momentum. Theoretical contributions are as welcome as research on individual subjects. As Cultural Literary Studies aims at crossing boundaries of all kinds, we are particularly interested in interdisciplinary and comparative work.

KulturPoetik appears twice a year, with approximately 150 pages in each issue. In addition to the essays and reviews, the »Forum« section offers the opportunity to comment on current problems or on articles in previous issues. In the »KulturKlassiker« section we present ›classic‹ texts from the field of cultural theory and Cultural Literary Studies. Each issue also contains a list of new publications in this area.

The journal is intended for: students; academics in cultural studies, in the philological disciplines (in particular German, English, American and Romance Studies, as well as Comparative Literature) and in all disciplines relating to philosophy and the history of knowledge; teachers in the humanities; everyone creatively engaged in the cultural sector in whatever sphere; and all readers interested in culture and literature and in their common history.

For terms of subscription, please check here or contact the publisher (German only). Please also note our special conditions for students.

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