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1. Website Contents

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The service will be subject to change and may be discontinued without further notice. The content may at any time be changed or deleted partially or entirely without explicit notification.

2. References and links

The editors cannot be held responsible for contents at other websites which are linked on this website.
Nevertheless, the editors hereby assert that there were no illegal contents at the time the website was linked.
Obviously the editors have no control about unassociated websites and therefore dissociate themselves from all changes made afterwards. This applies for all references and links on this website — as well as comments, mailing lists, etc. Responsible for the contents of linked websites is only the provider of this website. Parties only linking to these websites cannot be held liable.

3. Copyright and trademark law

The editors aim to protect the copyright on graphics, audio, video and text. They use objects created by the editors or authors themselves or objects that belong to the public domain. All brand labels and trade marks belonging to a third party are subject to trade mark law and ownership rights. The act of mentioning a trade mark on this website does in no way imply that there are no rights of a third party involved.
The copyright of all objects published on »KulturPoetik« remains with the editors or the authors. Duplication or usage of said texts, pictures, audio or video in digital form or print has to be explicitly permitted by the editors. Citations must contain the complete reference of the source document and the complete URL of the website containing said document.

4. Written warning (Abmahnung) without previous contact

The editors do not accept written legal warnings without preceeding communication. If the contents or the presentation of »KulturPoetik« should infringe on your rights or the rights of other parties we would ask you to inform us about that at the postal adress given above.
The editors are willing to correct any errors without the necessity of resorting to legal actions. Initiating legal steps, i.e. Abmahnung, does not correspond with the intentions of the editors pursued with this website, and therefore is a violation of § 8 Abs. 4 UWG (§ 242 BGB).
Expenses arising without prior communication will be rejected by the editors and may result in a counterclaim based on the violation of the clause above.

5. Data Privacy

If the website contains the option to enter personal information, it is solely the user’s decision to give this information. As far as it is technically viable, it is possible to use and pay for all services offered either without giving any personal information at all or by using anonymised information or a pseudonym.
Cookies sent by this website only serve navigational purposes and the improvement of this website.
For further information on this, please look here.

6. Validity of this disclaimer

This disclaimer is a part of the website leading to this document. If parts of this text are not in accordance with the current legal situation, this fact does not infringe on the validity of other parts of this document.

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