Dream Cultures


Prof. Dr. Franz Hintereder-Emde

Yamaguchi University, Japan
Field of studies: Comparative Literature, Translation, German Studies
Homepage: http://www.yamaguchi-u.ac.jp/english.html

Fields of research in cultural and literary dream-studies:
Dream in Natsume Sosekis Works; Japanese Literature of Modernity;

Publications on the Dream:

- Ghost Dreams. "Tales of Moonlight and Rain" (Ugetsu Monogatari) by Ueda Akinari [1776] and Mizoguchi Kenji [1953]. In: Bernard Dieterle/Manfred Engel (ed.), Typologizing the Dream/Le rêve du point de vue typologique. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann 2022 (Cultural Dream Studies 5), 53–83.
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- Literary Dreams in the Works of Natsume Sōseki at the Threshold of Japanese Modernity. In: Bernard Dieterle/Manfred Engel (ed.), Writing the Dream/Écrire le rêve. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann 2017, 39-58.