Dream Cultures


Prof. Dr. Dorothy Figueira

University of Georgia
Field of studies: Comparative Literature
Email: figueira@uga.edu
Homepage: http://www.cmlt.uga.edu/people/faculty/dorothy-figueira

Publications on the Dream:

- Dream in Classical Epics. Representative Nightmares from Sanskrit, Greek, and Latin Literature [Homer, "Odyssee"; Virgil, "Aeneid"; Valmiki, "Ramayana"; "Mahabharata"]. In: Bernard Dieterle/Manfred Engel (ed.), Mediating the Dream/Les genres et médias du rêve. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann 2020 (Cultural Dream Studies 4), 219–236.
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- Dream in Ancient Indian Literature and Philosophy. In: Bernard Dieterle/Manfred Engel (ed.), Theorizing the Dream/Savoir et théories du rêve. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann 2018 (Cultural Dream Studies 2), 43-57.