Dream Cultures


Prof. Dr. Gerald Gillespie

Stanford University, USA
Field of studies: Comparative Literature
Homepage: http://web.stanford.edu/dept/german/Gillespie/Gerald%20Gillespie%20-%20Bibliography.htm

Fields of research in cultural and literary dream-studies:
Baroque; Enlightenment; Modernism; Joyce; Galdós

Publications on the Dream:

- The Fine Art of Erotic Dreaming in Eighteenth-Century Literature. In: Bernard Dieterle/Manfred Engel (ed.), The Dream and the Enlightenment / Le Rêve et les Lumières. Paris: Champion 2003 (International Eighteenth-Century Studies 7), 289–307.
- Dreams and Galdós. In: Anales Galdosianos 1 (1966), 107-115.
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- Dream and Calculus in European Baroque Drama. In: Mario Curreli (ed.), Critical Dimensions. English, German, and Comparative Literature Essays in Honor of Aurelio Zanco. Cuneo 1978, 181-200.